Hey Vlad I see you’re angry no one is giving content to here is some. Maybe too long for one post so you can cut it how you like or make multiple posts. This is Anons experience of the group and the course.

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If I look back on his videos before I took the course I can see why I joined.  He had so much “Kanfidence” and said everyone in the group was doubling their accounts every 6 months.

When I joined the group I had an orientation to the group from Dejan.  I thought wow this guy talks like he’s got the market in his pocket. He was trying his best to be helpful. But his personality is not welcoming. He told me to watch the first video of the past course on trend lines and get back to him in a couple of days.

It was only trend lines, super easy to grasp but he still talked about it like I was disarming a bomb. So we went through a pair backtesting and drawing trend lines as the new candles appear.  At points when there was a set up he would say draw a horizontal line, that will be where you enter the trade.

Every single hypothetical entry during that session ended up being a loser. I was suspicious of the whole thing now even before I took the course.  But when I took the course I was even more amazed at how people are playing along with this method.

Even if you “Filter” waves (like Anil claims was how he found the secret to the market. I won’t bother explaining here) you can still fuck yourself. Because as price goes against your forecast, you just filter again. Oh look! magic!  Even he has trouble himself filtering. Almost every time he does he has to finish with saying “that’s not what I thought would happen” and “it would be interesting to research why it did that later”

Around midway through the course he admitted that people aren’t doubling their accounts every 6 months.  And the people that did just got lucky on crypto. If he was honest he would have said that in his weekly outlooks. That’s when I knew this man is a salesman not a trader.

The trading room was amazing too. “I think theres a set up on XXX” Ok, lets look at the monthly, then weekly, then daily…. Lets spend an hour on it and come to no conclusion.  And no one picks up that all this effort is futile? These guys spend ages confidently forecasting wave after wave months in the future and then the first wave undoes all that effort as it goes against them.  Now the trading room is a ghost town. It’s like all the mentors realised it was a waste of time and packed it in. Now you can go in and find noobs supporting noobs. It’s rough.

But what’s even more fascinating. There is a small group of people hyped for the course to start again even though they’ve been in the group years.  Facts are you had a 500k account, it’s now been a year and it’s on life support. He’s documented himself how poor at trading he is and people are still convinced he’s the guru? What can you learn from him? The proof is there.

He claims he’s doing something different to how everyone else trades because he has an investor. Well hedge funds do not trade the way he trades. If anyone serious saw his methods they’d have a heart attack.  But saying he trades differently is the perfect excuse for having such poor trades. “You won’t understand. I’m on another level from what you’re doing” < He loves to post this to people that question him in youtube comments.  Well it doesn’t work, and while you’ve been doing this you’ve been teaching something you can’t even prove works in real time because you claim to have abandoned it for yourself. But it would be nice to have a myfxbook to prove it worked one time. He doesn’t have one. Just some “How I doubled my account” video where he got lucky on a non farm payroll and the rest was silver.  If that NFP went the other way he wouldn’t be here today. The rest of the trades in that break down were just capitulation.

Above all my favorite time was when he told everyone to take a trade to get comfortable being in drawdown.  People took his usdchf sell and silver buy with him, and then got rid of their stops because he said so. Then watched it go against them like mad. When it got past the point where everyone would be stopped out they all started talking “I know it will go down because I have confidence in you and your analysis” it went 3-4 times against them. It was a bloodbath.  People ended up hanging on to dead trades for months.

He is the grand master of hindsight.  I was watching him in the trading room talk to a guy about his poor trade and what he should have done. The guy made the right call but forgot that there was a news event coming and that made his trade sky dive. Anil is there telling him what he should have done and why he was wrong. No mention of the news event being the reason it spiked. Analysing the past does not make you money. It’s just to get your jollies. And that’s all the course is good for. Analysing the past.  But every now and then he calls a meeting to discuss strategies. Looking in the past and going “You could have got a trade here, break even there” If that were true you’d have got them and not sat on your hands.

One other great anecdote is when Deepak. Who trades options for a living and is consistent. He was in the trading room when Anil jumped in. He tried to correct Deepak but Deepak actually knowing his shit calmly explained to him what he’s doing.  So for a moment Anil was interested and became the student. There were maybe 40 people watching this. So for some reason while having all this explained to him he gets the urge to stop Deepak mid flow just to announce. To paraphrase:”Let me tell everyone here something. I am the master of options and I know everything there is to know about options” there was a weird pause where I think he realised there was no need to announce that. And he continues “But Deepak he decided options was for him and he carried on with it and now he is really good”  To this day it still confuses the hell out of me why he had to say that. What had to go through his head to say something so random and false? Deepak didn’t acknowledge it and kept explaining. It’s like his ego just had to come to the surface after being suppressed for more than 5 minutes. So he put an option on silver, it expired worthless.

Bottom line is the group is a car crash.  Every month theres a new thing thats popular which is always a pain in the ass like having your date by your name. Or going stopless, or calling the turning point of eurusd again and again. People don’t interact because people realise it doesn’t work. But they hang on incase someone in the group comes along with the holy grail and they’ve also made friends there.  And the ones that teach are happy to get their cut of the joining fee. So of course they’ll keep the scam going. Some people though, will never open their eyes.

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