Submitted by Ross Piyan
Self proclaimed Forex Nirvana Guy and “transparent” Anil has disappeared once again from Youtube. This Guy can give Groundhog run for its money. This guy claims he puts the money where his mouth is. but reality says he puts the money deep into his back passage .
Anil Where are you Man? Are you Ok?

Anil recently release 2 tiny subscription promo videos which is getting nearly 50% dislikes.
No “weekly outlook” scam promo is released in the last 2 weeks. Quick research shows his account is blown or went very close to its demise. Nobody really knows.
Guy is in full hiding mode again and full scam signal seller mode , possibly due to desperation for money after blowing up 2 accounts in the same year !!
We should remember how he changed the narrative about his account.
First he was gloating about how his investor was a Big rich guy and 1/2 million euro was just a tiny Trial.

Then guy was telling us How Investor was nervous and pulling his hair out when he went into total draw-down.

Now he says he puts his money where the mouth is. So is it investors money or Anils money? This again tells me first account was investors money and second was Anils money earned from scammed students. Both most probably blown now.

As usual scammer make something up as he go along. What a Low life SCAMMER !

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