Anil Mangal is in trouble; his sales are declining – his students are joining other trading groups – his scam has been exposed badly thanks to this website.

So now Anil is asking his students to open multiple face book accounts so that they share his WO videos.

When one student disagreed because of Facebook flushing out fake account,

Dejan (who is a trainer and who gets paid USD 500 for every victim Anil brings in) says he can open Facebook account under Serbian names.

Remember the only ones who are gaining from these fake advertising is Anil & Anil only and trainers (who get US$500 out of US$ 2500 for the scam course)

Dejan promising to help make fake accounts

If you want Vlad to keep sharing more content about scam of Anil Margin then drop a comment below so that Vlad is motivated to help you guys and others to prevent this scam.



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