Hi Everyone,

Anil Margin as expected cutely forgot to show his live account during this week’s weekly outlook. But Vlad will not let him get away so easily.

Here is the latest position of his account (please don’t laugh; or atleast try to control it lol )

Anil Mangal’s Drawdowns

So he is trading this account since October/ November, 2018. And after more than 7 months of trading his equity is EUR 550,000 barely. So he has made 50k on an account of 500k over a period of 7 months.

You must not forget that majority of his gains have come from silver buys only. (silver buys his only saving face)

While his drawdowns are in excess of 150k.

You don’t need any course from anyone let alone Anil Margin to make 50k on 500k account (that too bulk of his gains coming from silver only).

So all these tantrums, noise, bitching, buy my course, support me share my tweets and videos for last 7 months and the self-proclaimed first time trader has got nothing to show. (only 10% equity gain that too from silver buys).

And you all have been witness to his bottom shorting and top longing talent all these seven months; the guy has got a special knack of it.

I think Vlad’s granny can make a 10% gain on her account with a moving average cross; and she will annoy you guys much less than this Anil.

Anyway, just avoid the scammer. More on it will come later.


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