Hi Everyone,

As Vlad and his supporters have put Anil into defensive mode – he has decided on not doing his Weekly Brainwashing Outlook today and instead decided to do just a simple Q/A session.

Just minutes ago; someone emailed me laughing saying in the Q/A session Anil Margin today had said that there is no such thing as stop hunts in forex lol.

Listen to this joker telling you that stophunts don’t exist. Video will start directly from the funny part.

So apparently the guy has no idea what liquidity is and how big institutions generate liquidity for their orders. And he has some nerve of pitching his course again shamelessly when asked the question (Most likely the person who asked the question was just checking how much deep did Anil go and it was clear after his funny explanation that how shallow Anil runs actually)

This is just another example and red flag to stay away from this charlatan.

Here I am attaching two videos from the guys who are 1000 times better traders than him and are 1000 times more successful than him and a 1000 times know what they are talking about.

Stop hunts are a reality – thats how the market makers get their liquidity – dont listen to this Anil Margin trying to sell courses to retailers and ripping them off with his brainwashing. This just shows how ignorant he is about markets.

Enjoy this informative post; and stay away from this charlatan and self-proclaimed forex guru with no trading record.

No wonder our group (Anil’s group) has 95% losing traders.

And anyone who has been publicly documented and caught shorting GBPCAD bottom, longing silver top, shorting USDCAD bottomand USOIL bottom should be last person to say such a thing.


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