Because of his “supposed wave theory” Anil Mangal can see the future and he is always looking for next big move; but what actually happens is quite the opposite.

Anil Mangal starts shouting left right and center about the big move which is about to come – and that becomes the talk of the town in the trading room and weekly outlook (to get more victims) but what happens is quite the opposite.

  • In search of the big move coming; he totally gets blind to the trend which is already prevalent and starts taking counter trend – he had been shouting the gbpcad big short which is supposed to come for months and what just happened in his trading room is unbelievable – 99% of the us along him with ended up shorting the gbpcad in the bottom (instead of riding the C wave to the top) … except for few smart senior traders which dont pay attention to what he said – or were quick to get out – 90% of our trading room ended up blowing there accounts or being margin called . When gbpcad was going up – he kept saying dont worry ; it will fall – it will fall… so we as traders instead of riding the sharp wave up have ended up shorting the bottom of gbpcad (including anil himself who is short 50 lots in gbpcad of someone else’s money)
  • Same is the story with AUDNZD and EURNZD ; our group for months now is trying to pick bottom and take it to the top – anyone who has even an iota of trading experience will know whats happening to us. Its going up and falling right back across; but this guy keeps saying everyday they will go up – Yes Anil we know they will go up – but we need to pay the monthly bills and eat food- we cannot wait months and years for the big move up to make money – we want to trade daily. The daily setups you show hardly ever works and the longer terms are open for everyone to see

Anil Mangal self proclaimed best trader in the world caught shorting gbpcad bottom

Anil Mangal trying to buy AUDNZD since January

Anil Mangal trying to buy EURNZD since January


So in conclusion if you are his trader; you will wait months and months to make any money (while losing money continuously ) and his breakeven trades are a joke. So if you are his trader you will just watch and wait charts all day; while other groups are making a killing in forex ; trading intraday moves.

His breakeven scam is a joke also; as any forex trader would know that u need to take the trade initially without SL on breakeven as the wave can retrace and take you out before going the way – but in Anil’s case the waves often reverses back fully; but he doesnt know as he himself is only a preacher and not a trader.

Thats all 😉

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