Anil Mangal Course Review

So you came here and landed up on this page while searching for Anil Mangal’s trading course?

Do you watch his weekly outlook on youtube regularly (well not so much weekly anymore since he almost blew his account on that GBPCAD big trade) and are fascinated by his brainwashing that what his secrets are?

Are you considering dishing out USD 2500 to learn secrets of his wave analysis?

Anil Mangal’s Scam Course

Do you have dreams of being rich and predicting the next big move?

Well look no further because you are in for a big big disappointment!

What you will learn in Anil’s course after wasting US$ 2500 will be basic stuff about trendline, money management and wave counting etc. The only thing unique about Mangal’s course is that he does his wave counting via MACD (which gives you no real edge in the market).

So if you want to learn his method of trading; just trade impulse and then wait for correction and then take another impulse. Thats it. Thats all you need to know. (Btw this impulse correction impulse is not his invention; it is famous pattern already known to pattern traders some call it abc, some call it tripple cycle 123 etc; so the only thing which works here is borrowed concept available on youtube for free).

His invented patterns like expanding flats and contracting flats are another name for I dont know where the waves will end so I will give them general names so in theory I would never be wrong but traders will lose the trades. Expanding pattern will expand all the fuck it wants and contract pattern will contract all the fuck it contracts; make you lose trades; but his theory/ forecast will hold true; while your account will take a hit,

So avoid his patterns, just take impulse – correction – impulse. The below video is all you need to know to trade the wave theory he trades. Forget about secret macd; he has no secrets. Its bullshit and yada yada.

I hope I have saved you your USD 2500; if you want to thank me send me an email at [email protected] – your feedback will be appreciated.

Disclaimer to Mangal

No Mangal I wont reveal your so called secrets in this blog as I am a conscientious person and am only reviewing you to save others from your brainwashing propaganda aka scam; besides I dont think it is much of a secret which gives anyone any real edge in any sort of a way. So being the baby that you are; you dont need to worry, I wont share your course videos also or “secret” macd wave counting nonsense in this blog; so chill

Ofcourse I reserve my rights to call ” secret MACD wave counting” a gimmick for selling courses and that is something no one can take it from me.

Vlad Putin.

Thats all 😉

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