Anil Margin group of scammers are now getting very careful about sharing or talking much in slack group – thus the dead group has gone even more silent which are only given a fake attempt to life by fake screenshots of guys like Wisam who supposedly made 16k in small impulse down in 15 min chart of OIL. I often watch him in Trading Room struggling like idiot to draw fantasy lines only to take HUGE POSITIONS in 15 min chart lol Anyway I will do a separate post on him / them later that why its only a matter of time that they will lose everything (even in demo account) chuckles.

Coming back to original topic; here is one screenshot

Hey A Siloslav Boss; we already know you are an idiot but let me save your time.
Telegram doesnt have any impact on rankings or keywords; you are just going to waste your time… there I just saved you scammers some energy; go invest that time and energy in actual trading and making money; instead of trying to run “secret methods” to boost Anil Margin’s scam business –

You can kiss good bye forever to Anil Margin ever getting top rankings again.

you know why? because you guys are up against Vlad.. and Vlad is the best and Vlad’s already finished off your founding father’s scam business. He should now work on finding and earning some honest living.

Vlad is the greatest.



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