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Hello Guys.

I’m trying to find the root cause of Anil’s odd behaviours. This interview may gives some clues.

“I am from Guyana…I have been living in Russia for the last 25 years. I came to Soviet Union at that time to study medicine. I studied it until the collapse of the Soviets. It was the end of my medical career…. then I opened my own business with their support.”

Guyanese Students with high grades always go to western universities for further studies. Most preferred destination is USA. Studying medicine in Soviet union was only good to feed ones ego. Soviet medicine was only recognised in few countries and no western countries recognised them.
High Probability: 1) Anil achieved Low high school qualification 2) High Ego

“10 years later, I sold the business and went for a vacation to the Caribbean. All the money I have earned from selling my company I put on my account that was within some offshore bank.”

After the Collapse of the Soviet Union , Russia was in total disarray. All the Oligarchs were robbing the place like there is no tomorrow. Little Cretins like Anil were also robbing the leftovers of the Oligarchs. Offshore Bank? ring a bell?
Then Vlad came to power and got ride of all the dirt from Russia.
High Probability 1) Anil earned his money in Russia by Crooked means 2) He took the money offshore account fearing Vlad.

“Until one day when they(Bank Guys) called me and said: “You have a margin call.” I did not know what was that until he started to explaining.
Two days later , I decided that I need to know everything about Forex, ”

So after some guys blowing his account he was depressed for 2 days. But all not in vein, guy probably got this forex teaching idea right then.
High Probability 1) This is where Anil got the idea with Margin Calls. lol

“Then I started to do my own studies. I was studying about 2 years without even trading. In 2 years I started to do open webinars for people in London, where I invited my friends traders.”

This again Shows his interest in “teaching” than Trading to earn a living.

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