Wave theory doesn’t work and will not make you money in long term (Anil himself doesnt have any public account to show); because 80% of the time you are ignoring the prevailing trend because you are trying to get the “next big elusive 900 pip move” but what really happens is that you after getting stopped out and taking losses for 7-8 times you give up on it as the trades go again and again against you; or you find yourself 900 pips down against you 😀

So what actually happens is that instead of making money NOW; we take losses now and never make money in the future. ( breakeven doesnt work)

The scam lies in the hindsight; because hindsight it would always seem to work as all the moves will be clear and patterns viewable. But in real time the things are totally opposite. Our master Mangalov also has no idea whats gonna happen (see any of his live trading video on youtube (he spends all 3 hours ranting and pitching his course instead of making a single trade in the week or making money).

If you want to make the money NOW in forex; you need to look somewhere else.

Introducing Mangal Margin: What is Mangal Margin and how come its different?

In the honor of Anil Mangal I am inventing (just like Anil invented expanding and contracting flats) a new term in the world of trading. and that new term is Mangal Margin

Concept is simple: Everytime you blow your account because of wave theory; you will call it Mangal Margin.

What do you guys think?

Feel free to send me your feedback; or if you know any method which works or have improved wave theory; share it with me

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Vlad Putin 😉

Thats all 😉

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