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As many of you know, Anil started his “1/2 million live Trading” stunt end of 2018. Many observers believe he wanted to do this circus stunt to lure newbies to buy his course. we also know his trading abilities are less than that of a person randomly hitting buy/ sell button. But what if there is some other hidden agenda behind this live trading stunt? When you analyse what comes out of his Big pie hole things become more interesting.

In one of his video he says “I know what I’m doing and I know what rules are breaking and I know that. I have a different purpose of doing it and I know exactly what I’m doing.”

He says his live trading show was for a “different purpose”. This is very puzzling. Normal traders do trading to earn some money. Apparently not this guy……
In another of his rants he unveiled further about this ‘purpose’ :
” I’m pretty sure I’m gonna double that account there I have no doubt of it ……but as a matter of testing the strategy that you have in the sell to investors you need to convince them this strategy works …”

This clearly reveals another purpose for his live trading show. He wants to “CONVINCE” investors to depart with their money. It was very clear this cretin had a long time ambition to become a hedge fund manager.

But even he knows his course is a collection of Bullshite. So why this scammer is after investor’s money?
Only reason could be he wants to convince some big rich dude to depart a big chunk of money and this crook make a clean get away !!!
Normal investors will never fall for this kind of scams by looking at his high draw-downs and reckless trading strategy ( No matter if he managed to 10x his account). At best a investor will consider this guy as a rogue trader at worst investor will give a big slap on ANils face.
But there are big oil money floating around in places like UAE. All he has to do is convince some naive investor (possibly non English speaking fellow) by showing his Youtube videos as evidence.
Remember Anil already has a crook history in many places. With many of his forged documents he finds it hard to open even a Bank account in a business friendly Kingdom of UAE !!. This guy is a crook for many years. What ever this Kanfidence man says never adds up but cretin is best at coning with his Big mouth.

There are hundreds of isolated islands in the Caribbean and he can readily disappear in any one of them.

This also fits very well with Anil’s strategy of ” Worst case Break-even”. At best he will get away with investors money , At worse case he will “trade” until Margin call which means he will break-even. Only Investor will loose everything, Anil will always break-even !
Investor please STAY Away from this Crook !

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