Hi Everyone, you guys remember I talked about Anil Margin’s fantasy lines when he forecasted his for USOIL

If you will watch the whole video now; you will see how stupid he is; and how delusional the whole group are. yea Anil’s forecast on oil was working reeeli reeeeli well lol just watch the damned video. lol

Guys like wisam and other plebs were shorting oil in 15 min chart on friday with big lots; I warned them also that oil will go up but they didnt listen; because they apparently believed in Anil’s fantasy lines. (other guys, Wisam was trading in demo account though for fake screenshots)

And now everyone is in panic right now as oil went up.

What happened to Anil’s forecast? He would want everyone to forget about it and move on to next scam prediction? Vlad aint gonna let it happen.

Panic started in the group already. More will come in the morning when everyone wakes up.

Panic in the room
Oil showed middle finger to impulse correction impulse

As always, another pair this time OIL shows middle finger to Anil Margin’s impulse correction impulse lol strategy.

The whole group is crying, everyone lost money, openly or silently on oil following Anil & Wissam.

It used to be impulse correction impulse but on Saturday, it was impulse, correction impulse, impulse, more impulse & super impulse.

Anil is nowhere to be found yet.

Anil’s Slack group is burning.

Yea, Godfather Wisam my ass who shorts 50 lots in 15 min charts – you can come and suck my ass if you want me to believe your fake screenshots profits without verifiable myfxbook account.

This trader is advising not to cut your loses but discuss it with Anil what to do next. (this is the worst advice you can give to anyone i.e a) to discuss with Anil about your trades because Anil himself is a noob when it comes to trading b) not to cut your losses)

The whole slack group is burning, mostly in silence.

For buy, traders lost money, for sell, many lost money too.

Because everything just pure gambling.

Everyone is confused & don’t know what to do next. Anil’s strategy of $2500 is not working here at all.

It is not a strategy where you make some small money today & lose far larger amount/everything tomorrow, if that is what you been looking for, Join Anil.

Again; Anil Margin’s prediction didnt work and caused losses for his followers only. Guys like Wisam who are cronies and who was saying on friday that political factors dont play any influence on OIL and its “the structure” which works are seen laughing in the group because the guy trades in demo account and shares fake screenshots – rest of the group is in panic.

So Wisam; what do you have to say now ? What happened to the structure u fool?

Anil’s Fantasy lines didnt work again

This is latest from the group; I will update as more and more people will leave the group in protest and disgust.



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