Here is my review of free daily webinar gimmick that Anil ran for three days.

So this is all but a sales gimmick after Anil went from self-proclaimed best trader in the world to a trading joke thanks to you guys and this website that we made popular.

So after only securing 3 victims in last 5 months and constantly cancelling course dates; he had nothing but to lure in sheep by offering them his useless signals and then pitching them sales pitches after sales pitches subliminally.

Here you can watch the whole comedy show yourself.

Anil Margin Comedy Show Signal Service

The videos are full of comedy and jokes. For example Vlad’s favorite pair EURGBP.

Here is what Anil drew with his fantasy lines in his signal service trial.

Anil Margin shorting bottom of EURGBP; check blue line where he asked to place sells stops
EURGBP is up for great short as per Anil Margin’s fantasy

And here is what actually happened:

Price tagged Anil Margin’s group’s stops and took them in sells and went back up LOL LOL

EURGBP went back up from point where Anil sold

This is upteenth time I am showing you why Anil’s strategy and trading doesnt work; because he has no clue.

As I also have said in my previous post about EURGBP that Anil has got God given talent of being retail noob; so the movement he starts hyping up too much about a pair; its better to take the opposite side of him to win. Otherwise you will lose like 95% of the retail traders and like Anil Margin himself.

A perfect example of this will be yesterday’s’ FOMC. The noob and his group were taking opposite side of direction where the bigger movement was going to coming.

They were buying CADJPY, metals, and selling dollars; buying NZD ; buyin AUD lol.

Dude scammer, we are trying to trade NOW and make money NOW,,.. we dont care about the big move which will come (and which is most likely in your fantasy and in your dream). So it was hilarious to buy his group CADJPY lol lol when vlad sold where Anil bought it; and it was funny to see his reaction; oh it fell… Ofcourse it fell Anil ,, you needy mofo. His group was worried about their money more than their mentor’s scamming rants about “dont forget to share my videos so that you can save someone and help him leorn” (read i miss free scamming days)

Another thing Vlad noticed in his free gimmick video was that Anil was extra cautious about giving direction.

He knew that Vlad and his group of friends will be closely monitoring him for jokes and fun; so what he ended up doing was even worse. He ended up giving BOTH the direction for almost all pairs. So basically if you will buy his signal service; any pair can go up and down lol HAHA

HHAHA even for EURNZD which he had been hyping for months now for big fall; he said it can do this and do that and can go back up LOL LOL ..

It can do this with full Kanfidence and go up and it can do this with full Kanfidence and go down (read this in Anil’s voice)

At 49 min 50 seconds of the same video; he talked about big cadjpy buy LOL; saying you dont wanna sell here lol

Anil buying cadjpy

Here is what actually happened:

I wrote a full post about it in past when I shorted this cadjpy on his head here and here in my Thank You Anil Margin Episodes 1 and 2.

The noob doesn’t count ; so he has no bias… He sees a flag or corrective structure like EURGBP and he starts shorting the bottom; or buying tops of CADJPY.

Enough of this scammer now.

Stay away.


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