Guys, if you will not participate on the site and not even leave comments; Vlad will stop taking his time out to write on website. Vlad made this website for you guys. The guys who had no voice and say against Anil’s dictatorship.

Have you guys forgotten so quickly? The scammer used to have an aura of arrogance about him and used to shit on everyone; and now he has been put on the defensive and is squealing like a mouse all the times; explaining his drawdowns and questions raised on this website.

This website is getting so much traffic. I know many people check this website 3-4 times a day; including Anil Margin himself. People request me to write but they dont write themselves or even leave comments. They just come here for laughs and then go away.

Vlad is a busy person but Vlad is still doing all this for you people who had no voice.

Vlad is doing three things at the same time.

  1. Running russia,
  2. Doing trading
  3. And running this website also.

If Vlad can find time; so can you. And If you won’t then Vlad will find you and Vlad will kill you.

No more Vlad should see free traffic which is not participating and not leaving a comment.

Vlad is Angry

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