Vlad received an email today from a victim

I took this scammer’s course too, waisted 2500, even though other sites you pay 100 a month, here he wants 2500 of the top, and I also noticed the cult atmosphere in the room, the desperate treat him like a god, this is ridiculous. He is nothing else but a good sales man. There nice of you to put up a website to warn others, I found that most of the students are really beginner traders, with no conviction of their own, so they are susceptible to manipulation, and this is what he does. The guy who was our trainer admitted several times that last year many traders left, you could hear the frustration in his voice, the students were from all parts of the world, mostly speculants. I feel like I got suckered by this guy, never ever pay any money upfront i.e. $2500, for that amount of money you get a trading room at 100 dollars a months for 2 years, and you can quit after first month, so you limit your looses, with Anil’s course it’s 2500 of the top, and then you get 4 lousy college like lectures, and practice time with trainer who knows less than you, and that’s pretty much it. What is sick about his money making scheme, is that members pay up front and then are expected to generate content. If I’m paying for something I want to enjoy the content not create it. It’s a great business for him, he makes money by charging of the top and then these suckers are creating posts and therefore the trading room. All I can say is stay away from this guy, you will pay 2500 for w a worthless product and then be expected to create content for free. It’s a win win for him, but not for you the user. 
All the best,

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