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Vlad today received an important email from an old student of Anil. Vlad thought you would like to have a look at what he had to say.

This is how it goes with Mangalov, he say he wants those that have been trading for at least a year on his webinars and he does not take any one without the minimum, so I having had looked at a couple his webinars thought he has something that I have missed using elliott wave and I would like to know about it, so I got in touch with him on skype.

When I sent him the message to sign up, no questions were asked as to how long have I been trading or the experience I have using any method whatsoever, all he replied was that there is limited space and need to sign up asap otherwise next course will be in October (I am not sure as it was such a long time ago) and he sent his bank details of where to pay the money… well Alarm bells should have started to ring as at the time he was in Moscow, Russia and the bank(Citbank) that the money was to be transferred was in Singapore. He has moved to Dubai now to avoid paying taxes on his income in Russia.

I let him know the transfer has been done and after he has received the transfer he sign’s me into the group and since I have not had my training I would watch from the sidelines then everything starts, the 2 webinars per day 30 odd fx pairs and that is where I started to get nervous and alarm bells started to go off “BIG TIME”… Is this guy for real or taking the piss with what he is doing he did not have any plan of how to train and it was “MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY” and his “ARROGANCE” was beyond belief.

The big time for the course started and it was a 6 week course, 2 weeks training, then 2 weeks of being allocated to groups and final 2 weeks of “Practicals with the Manglov” and then you finished the Course, however if you did not know how to count or applied a different count then one had to keep practising until it was perfect. During the course there was no 1 time that he had a count that was reliable and would work and he would not give a target as to where the price or structure would terminate apart from his 118 price target.

When Manglov would be challenged with a different scenario or count that did not adhere to his MACD-ed system he would Attack the Student and tear him apart with “Ridicule” and Talk down the Student as though he owned them(students) and like a “Dictator”, creating Fear amongst the rest of the group therefore no one would stand up to “Manglov”… I had enough of his bullshit and confronted him one day knowing that I would be kicked out and potentially lose my “Hard Earned Money $2500.00″… Guess everyone by now knows what happens, got kicked out deleted from his Slack group,Therefore I could not do anything to show the others his intentions (scamming) were top priority above all else. It is payback time for Mangalov for selling his”Wave Theory Scam” 

All those that do decide to sign up think before you leap into the unknown with the “A-nil-man-gal SCAM”, Don’t waste your money on his course to fill his pockets, save it for a rainy day as there is so much information out there “FREE” to learn from and it will take time for anyone to understand how to trade the markets it will not happen in 6 weeks and there is no magic bullet with this Wave Theory.

I had done all the calculations of how much money he could make from his “Wave Theory Scam” in a year and it was about $500,000.00-$750,000.00 between 4-6 courses a year targeting 50 student(victims) at $2500.00. All of you that are there in his group can probably see the numbers for yourselves look at the number of members in his slack group and multiply by $2500.00 to know the amount he has made so far… How many active old members are there that do trade or are in hisTrading room?… Most of you who have taken his course and are not satisfied ask for your money back as he is not capable of giving you the right Training… what’s the worst he will do “Kick you all out”

Save your $2500.00 and let “A-nil-man-gal” the Scam Artist learn that Cheating and Scamming will not pay for his “Lifestyle” in the long run.

Karma Time

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