Hello Vlad,
I’ve found your video yesterday on youtube, thank you for that!

I am trading for about 6 years, and I was following Anil Mangal for years. I saw him beeing the top trader on Tradingview and banning him also. Before I found him I even experienced some success, but any time I opened his webinars I felt like I am doing something wrong, but this guy.. this guy knows. So I stopped doing my methods and started to learn wave theory from his videos. I didn’t had the money for his course, I was a student, so I took someone else’s course for 500$ which was similar to his. 

It didn’t worked.. Ofc. I thought because I didn’t paid for the Anil course. When I contacted him he was rude as always..

Funniest thing, but after I went on a different journey and learned about how random the markets are I figured out something.. I started to do my own stuff again, I forced myself not to draw anything on the chart and do not watch his videos.. it worked. I even felt I owe him, because when I felt I want to give up his webinars gave me power like “this guy can do it too”. 
So, a few days ago I wrote to him again on skype in a very friendly manner. I was asking him if he can suggest some books to me, because I really like reading.. He replied: There is no books about my stuff etc. but here is my course 2500$. I replied back in still a friendly manner, I knew wave theory doesn’t work, but I still thought himself is profitable, after I learnt what really needs to it, he fitted to the image. I even felt sorry for him.. like someone who doesn’t even know why he is profitable but desperately wants to believe his method works and better than anyone else’s chart reading. 
 I thought he was treat me like an equal, who also went through the hell and learned the real stuff from Nobel prize winners of economics. He told me, I don’t understand how knowledge is accumulating and processed, so the wave theory would be a “steep climb” for me. 

I was asking myself: Am I really stupid? 

Then I found your video yesterday. It was saying the same things that I thought. He never says words like “in my opinion, I guess, I think..” Only the words which makes him devilishly confident and charismatic as you said, it even has hipnotic effect on the mind. It is the same method political demagogues are using. It was also shocking himself not just not profitable, but not even trading. Brave move from you! 

I look forward to your letter!  If you guys would be a partner in it I’d gladly share my knowledge to develop and invent something innovative and scam free on the markets.

Take care,Imre 

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