i recently been scammed by anil. i came across him on skype. he told me how much it cost. i said it was to much at that time. so i asked if it could be paid in smaller parts as i get paid monthly. i finished half the payments. so he said he gave me half the videos to learn and sometrading pdfs to read. i finished another payment 2 weeks ago. he has completely blanked me. just wanted to let you know what he did to me


Today Vlad receives second email from Jessica

He did not send me all the videos.he sent a few such as the fibonacci,trend & a few macd ones. When i say blanked. it means that he’s been ignoring me. he can’t get back to me but he can do he’s weekly video. it doesn’t make sense.

Vlad’s message to Anil

You heard her right; now be a good boy and address her issues; and also let her in the group for she has paid fully. Vlad has eyes on you.

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