This site is a god send.

It is so refreshing, if not unfortunate to hear about the sad truths and realities of what really went on inside the group. I watched his webinars on and off since 2017. I remember all of these big claims of six figure positions some of his traders were in, and the way he always breaks even on every trade, so there’s no risk as such*. Being a private trader not in the group I was left to assume the majority of his traders were making serious money, and these trades turned out well.

I did actually join once for less than 24 hours as I had imagined a professional room with no noise, just clear trade setups and price targets. When I was let into the slack group I was so disappointed, it was so chaotic and sporadic, there was no group focus on the best 2-3 setups like I had imagined, more like a circus tbh which I did not have the time to attend.

Sorry to hear how these trades actually turn out for the group members who had to bare the cost. I watched the other day and he has currently lost 50% (350k) in 1 month on his weekly outlooks, although he only trades 1% right? Also, he can inject the money the new students pay him into the account to keep the balance up – although I don’t think he is daft enough to use his own money. And is this ‘investors’ account even real?

*break even trading every time is impossible because you have to let the trade breathe and move away from your entry before using a stop loss, otherwise you would stop out of your decent entries. Most of the time it will go against you then you are underwater and cannot break even.

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