Today after coming back from weekend hangout with fellow friends/ traders – I got suddenly fell into laughter fits – my friends got worried that why I couldnt stop laughing and then I had to tell them that something reminded me of this great GBPJPY call of Anil Margin which he made since start of 2019 and the whole call had been a great comedy show; all these previous months.

This trade totally got out of my mind when I did Anil Margin’s trade calls review of last 6 months – but no problem; this one is hilarious in itself enough to deserve an independent post of itself.

So Anil Margin says here and on various of his previous Weekly Outlook THAT IF THERE IS ONE PAIR THAT IS GOING TO GO UP – ITS GBPJPY lol lol

Anil Margin buying GBPJPY because he KNOWS

This one is even funnier weekly analysis LOL

Anil analyzing GBPJPY weekly chart for buys because he CAN

And no guesses here for what happens next. The noob kept giving buy calls since january 2019 and GBPJPY fell and fell and fell only; till he stopped doing weekly outlooks and ran away. Everything is on record. Also note that these are only 2 of the various of the videos from weekly outlook and his nooby seminars that I am posting here – you can watch funny calls of his GBPJPY from other videos of his from his channel itself – cannot embed all his videos here

Anil Margin buying GBPJPY because he KNOWS

Anil Margin said GBPJPY wont go down much; but now it is on its way to break the bottom in Daily chart…

Problem lies in Anil being a lazy trader and scammy analyst who doesnt do wave counting – so often his undoing is that this scammer ends up buying 4th wave – which are the waves made created to trap exactly noob retail traders like him.

Just stay away from him – ask him to show 1 year of myfxbook account if he asks you to pay.

And lastly the fantasy lines he draws on chart – just take them for good laughs only for weekly comedy session.

Enjpy. (pun)


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