Our master Mangalov changes his predictions and blows accounts of us group members everyday.

Each day he proclaims new moves based on his wave theory that whats gonna happen but more often than not (almost 80 percent of the time) what he says turns out to be totally opposite of what actually happens.

This called for a separate piece of its own to document so from now on I will be document when I have time his blunders which I would see. (for this I would need volunteers also; you guys can email me)

Now ofcourse; he analyzes around 30 pairs daily; I cannot document all of them but every now and then I will document what blunder his wave theory has committed while pivot traders and moving average guys made the killings.

Being the best trader in the world we have come not to expect such casualness from Anil. (pure sarcasm; I make my money reverse trading him)

So lets start with first entry USOIL trade 1 day ago in 1hr he called for sell under the flag.

He asked and showed everyone what a beauty of a flag it was and we should sell underneath it; even if it will go up; the c wave will fall again so keep your sells. But what happened was he ended up blowing accounts of his traders

Amazing; the beautiful flag of his wave theory refused to break down and went up.

In hindsight this event will be un-noticeable; if you will look at 4h hour or 1 hour chart later on; you would not even notice this place (this brings to the original discussion and the earlier post I wrote about Illusion of Wave Theory ) Mr. Ponzi must be proud of this theory.

The irony

Next day he casually woke up; and nonchalantly called for new high in USOIL

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