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Dubai Airport UAE: Anil Margin, self proclaimed best trader in the world with no publicly available trading record or history, in a hurried weekly webinar on Sunday informed everyone that he is planning on visiting Nigeria on an urgent and emergency matter to see and meet an important Nigerian prince.

When asked about more details, he said that he has received an extraordinary offer from a Nigerian prince on his email address of a donation of millions of British Pounds to come to his rescue on his ever declining margin account with Saxo.

“I have already asked my traders to contribute and raise among themselves GBP 1000 requisite Expression of Interest that the Nigerian prince had asked as per protocol in such matters,” said the self proclaimed best trader in the world. These are the rules in such matters that you have to send the cash first, just like my course. My traders are donating and contributing and helping raise the GBP 1000, and then sending it to the prince via Western Union. He explained confidently.

Anil Mangal Saxo Account
Anil Mangal Saxo Account about to be rescued by Nigerian Prince

He further said that the Nigerian prince is willing to invest in his declining Saxo account as he has got billions in deposits left by his late late king father; who was murdered in the bloody revolution.”

This comes as a welcome news to Mangal; as his account and margin have been continuously depleting for weeks; resulting in incredible drawdowns with all his calls and trades going the other way.

“The West African prince also asked me if my kidneys were healthy and fully functioning, I dont know why he asked me that but I think this may be is just a Nigerian cultural thing to ask whenever someone is making a trip to the country,” he concluded.

From Daily Mangal Correspondent

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