1. He is a better trader – much better than Anil Margin.
  2. He actually trades and shows his account daily in green – while its better not to talk about condition of Anil’s account (instead of making money daily – anil is babysitting big drawdowns for weeks and months now; instead of profiting lol)
  3. Isaac Magic” works (banned in Anil’s group to talk about it). Because it promotes someone other than Anil Margin himself.
  4. Isaac is a better teacher and someone with much better personality and amiable attitude needed to be a mentor and a trader (good things come to good people)
  5. He has got the leadership quality but is being heldback by being subservient to Anil.
  6. Instead of having Isaac in Trading Room on Tuesdays; we will have Isaac set us up daily – wouldn’t that be amazing?
  7. Isaac is funny. ‘Nuff said. “mic drop
  8. Isaac doesn’t short bottoms or long tops (he knows his waves).
  9. Isaac is always scared of Anil in trading room when trying to help traders with full freedom; saying someone might rat him out (yes Anil has spies) and then Anil will get his frustration out on him. If Isaac will have his own group – he wouldn’t need to be afraid of anyone. He can do his own thing.
  10. Many moons ago; Isaac had received an offer for training 5000 traders face to face (offline/ in person) in a seminar in England (not online and not via any of Anil’s connection or reference – but via his own personal effort and connections). He was set to make huge money per head training each trader (5000 traders multiply by x amount; you do the math). But when Anil found out; he got jealous and forced Isaac into not accepting the offer; which Vlad thought was really unfair and don’t know how Isaac still tolerates this insecure guy.
  11. He has got defined rules for taking trades – not like anil who takes trades on hunches and then baby sits drawdowns (saying it will fall – I know it lol)
Isaac Yelbert – The Real Master

How Isaac should pull this off?

Its simple; Isaac should take in all of Anil’s traders who wants to join Isaac’s group for free. This way Isaac will have a blossoming group of traders and a critical mass which is necessary for the successful push for the breakaway group.

Once Isaac has established the critical mass of Anil’s traders with him (which Vlad is 100 percent sure) Isaac then should offer his course or whatever on Youtube and facebook and we all can and will help Isaac.

Vlad’s services will be available for free to Isaac as you all by now know Vlad is hell of an Internet marketer (Anil gets nightmares with Vlad in them in middle of the night)

All we need from Isaac is faith and the courage to take the next bold step.

Anil will try to discourage Isaac by showing him carrot at the end of the stick; but Isaac should be smart enough to see through him.

Isaac has got enough fan following and personality and likability in the group; and once the 750 (dormant members who have left) out of the 850 traders who will know that a breakaway group has been formed by Isaac; Vlad is willing to bet Samir’s nuts and butts again on the fact that all of them will come back and join Isaac’s group; and the group will be thriving again.

So come on Isaac. Do it!

Take the next step chief!!!!! Don’t sell yourself short for USD 500 (training Anil’s victims) when you can forge real traders yourself. You have the ability.

Anil will try to bribe you or show you future bullshit (but we all know nothing comes of it). So don’t listen to him. Don’t sell yourself short. Anil is never going to create his own TradingView platform – he doesn’t have the courage or ability to do it. And Anil is never going to run a hedgefund with you as his little sidekick – No sane investor in his sane mind would invest with Anil.

Don’t fall for the carrot.

We traders of the group are ready to rally behind you!

Are you ready to lead us?

Your family is waiting.


Anil Margin telling Isaac that Anil will form a hedgefund
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