How I – (Mangal Margin) – went from hero to zero, within 5 years of my trading career and drag hundreds of other naive traders down with me.

Along my trading journey, I didn’t just figure ways to blow up multiple accounts with a straight face,
I also figure out the quickest way to REDUCE the student subscription in my group within months.

From a group of 500+ members and 100+ daily London webinars attendees
well…….a picture is worth a thousand words.

Despite all these failures, I still insist to power through with a can-do attitude –
I (Mangal Margin) decide to write a book, detailing all my trading success and 1000 pips fantasy trades that I dreamt of taking in my trading career.
would greatly appreciate if all of you share your trading success story in the comment section below detailing:

  • How, me (Mangal Margin) was your great trading mentor, and there’s no one like me. (if there’s one, we should get him de-platform immediately )

  • Your experience blowing up account and is always your false, (because there’s absolutely no reason to blow up your account ,when the rest of group (Just me) manage to get out for breakeven)

  • Describe your grit and determination to stick with the group despite one fail trade call after another. There are few ass kissers in the group – I Know, my Ghanaian ass is simply irresistible

PS: Whomsoever dare question my genuineness will be permanently ban from the group.
Now, all of you, go be good boys and girls, each create 100 separate emails and accounts, and make sure to give two thumbs up especially for those horrible trade calls I (Mangal Margin ) post on social media.   


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