Submitted and authored by Ross Piyan

Professional Fx Scammer and pretend Hedge fund Manger Anil & his band of thieves are busy setting up their new scam venture . After years of calling signal sellers as scammers, Desperado himself adapted the same signal selling model to regain his lost market share.

What lead to this 180 degree turn around ?
To answer this we briefly need to look at this Cretin’s recent past. During 2017 -2018 period many of the good traders started to abandon ship from Anil’s group. Meantime new recruits started to dwindle. since his scam model depends on constant stream of new money coming in: this had drastic effect on his revenue . Realising his loosing his mojo, this scammer came up with New 1/2 million Euro “Live Trading Show” to reel in the new Suckers.
First he kept his account undercover for 2 months and then revealed it at the end of 2018. Initially everything was going Anil’s way and he even manged to increase the equity to over 700k ! Then Boom….everything went downhill.
By 2019 spring his account had more than 50% draw-down and equity was reduced to mere 300K. Account was going in and out of Intensive Care Unit (ICU). His “investor” was freaking out and pulling his hair out in stress. It was total chaos.

More and more people started to questioning his reckless trading methods. This is the time this website run by Vlad became popular and gave Anil a sucker punch. This self proclaimed wave expert felt humiliated and suffered total mental breakdown. His “weekly webinars” become erratic and his usual rants about “trolls” became extra long. Finally He totally disappeared from the scene for more than 3 months for good. Till now many shrewd observers believe he blew his 1/2 million account during his self imposed solitude.
Seemingly unable to find a Real job and attracted to easy scam money, Anil is back Again. This time he has another novel idea to “help” us !!

Enter Plan B: 200$ Monthly Subscription !!

According to Anil “you can save your money and take the course for 200 dollars a month that is just to help you save your money to take the course. you will get my daily analysis idea in my trading room. you can trade that slowly.”

1) Yet this Dude used to tell his analysis/forecast is useless without his strategy and therefore one needs to take his course. How a subscription student is going to trade his daily analysis “slowly” without a strategy?

2) This is the same guy who said “You will never be successful with 500$ account”.
How a student who cannot afford to pay his 2500$ (scam course) going to have 50 K, 100k account that this guy used to demand?
This Master Skype scammer change narrative to fit anything he wants to get his fill of $$$.
It is very easy to envisage a scenario in which a subscription student quickly blow his/her account and complain to Anil.
Anil in turn will pitch his $2500 course to lure the victim into his Scam course: Mission Complete !

So are you a hopeful millennial? Are you ready to be converted from hopeful millennial into hopeless millennial? Join Anil’s 200$ subscription course NOW !


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