submitted by Ross Piyan

I believe Anil is laughing at us. Laughing at all the Victims. Laughing at all the “Trolls”.
Look at him: Just look at him: He has no third party verifiable successful trading career… ever !

He claims he is working towards attracting investors. First thing any investor will ask is third party verifiable trading history. Everybody knows that. This guy has Zero..Zilch.

Its all just his Big mouth claiming this and that. Only thing going for him is his BIG ass mouth…big as Bermuda Triangle. Without that Big mouth guy is NO Body.

Once the Victim pays the money, guy basically think he got away with it. Just notice how he reacts whenever a “student” rebel against his tyranny. Please refer to many of the students who got kicked out. See the screenshots of him reacting. His reaction is like ‘bring it on buddy’. Because he things all the dealings are done online and he got away with it.

Just look at this past year. If you believe what he says then he made zero money on a 1/2 million euro account with severe draw-downs. Where is his living expense coming from? Off course from the victims. Its obvious to see.

How can anybody can learn trading from a guy who cannot make a basic living off of a 1/2 million euro trading account ? Its beggars believe people still falling for his bull.
This is why he is laughing at all the victims (aka Anil’s students). Deep inside he knows he sells Bullshite.
Anil cannot believe how people are so naive to pay him to teach this holy grail of forex.

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