Anil Mangal has gone too careful; he regularly follows this website through VPN (vlad knows because vlad is best hacker).

Anyway, his weekly webinars have turned into bunch of bullocks.. for every pair he gives predictions of both the direction i.e. it will go up or it will go down…

Yesterday I thought I will review all of his weekly predictions and by God almost all were wrong… despite he being so careful his weekly outlook was a piece of shit… I dunno how he is surviving now? I am sure no loser is buying his course at this level of incompetency

Plus Vlad’s website is ranking high and mighty on all Anil Margin’s terms on google; and is warning all potential victims to be wary of this scammer.

Treading through his nightmare of weekly webinars have become sucha pain; its getting boring now since he has accepted his defeat so easily and since all the members have left his community and is left with barely 15 loser type traders.


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