yo dawg. i lately enjoy watching the show. it gets interesting and interesting as it evolves. fun to see how defensive the scammer is. i watch the course videos over again and damn its so much nonsense in it. something that can be said in 30 minutes is expanded in 1 hour blah blah blah. and it does not change over years. like he was talking long shit in all previous courses he keeps the same again to sound very smart. i remember how he kicked out tom bitch be so defensive. the dictatorship level in the group over years only become more and more serious because the ship is sinking. good example the slav guy. dawg has been producing some decent gold calls. tried to talk with him what is his wave discovery and he refuse to say because most probably scammer has scared him to stay quiet. margin delete his discoveries video that he share in group. i even rember scammer bitching 20 minutes before london webinar how nothing else will never work but just his wave count.

crazy how this shit evolving. all good people here either scammer throw them out either they leave. isaac magic the same story. unusable trash bullshit will blow ur account but hey is better than your kanfidence wave counting. waiting how long will isaac hold in the group as i believe he will hit the nerve soon too. where is the wisaam oil scammer? after the big spike up 15 minute trader has left the scene.all this new people that just joined do they even realize the shit they in? webinars are untradeable scammer keeps calling both side of the coin with kanfidence on every chart.
never thought i would write you. i have no idea who you are but info shared in your site when you take off the foggy glasses is true as hell. in 4 years i could not become successful with this crap. i start to ask myself is it me or wtf is goin on?

yours truly brah.


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