After yesterday’s fiasco when OIL gapped up and blowing accounts of many of the members of the group; Anil displayed lack of remorse and guilt over his scam methods.

Infact when traders were losing money, Anil was making fun of them because had nothing else to say. It was truly a shameful sight. How can he even bring himself to say such a things when oil gapped up 10 bucks and he says oooo nothing has changed; so it was contracting.

Contracting my ass.

He also started deleting negative comments in Slack group.

I saw few but when I slept and got up again, he had deleted all already.

Here is one I still found; but one old trader Michal Heinz had enough of Anil Margin nonsense and he trolled him back

Michal Heinz trolling Anil Margin back

Michael Heinz reply of actual”high places” are friends with Anil actually means high places like banks love Anil Margin because as Anil Margin lose money continuously, Banks make money.

The whole group is a shame; where all good traders have left and the others few who remain are either new victims or accomplices in the scam.

I hope you guys are having fun reading my updates.



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