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This is my take on Anils latest Scam Promo video posted on Youtube.

Last weeks screen shot: 16/9/19
1) Cable long 1.2380 10 lots
2 ) Kiwi long .6419 20 lots
3) Achf long .6870 10 lots
4 ) eusd long avg 1.1212 40 lots 3 Positions????
5 ) xag long avg 19.14 110,000

This Weeks Mr Margins Position. 23/9/19 portfolio
1) Cable long 1.2510 10 lots
2) Kiwi long .6422 20 lots
3) Audchf long .6870 10 lots
4 ) eusd long avg 1.1221 40 lots <—– 2 Positions ???
5 ) xag long avg 19.14 110,000
6) Usd/chf SHort .9899 20 lots

Mr Margin Using 68.14 % of Margin !! (NOOB alert: Huge for a NO SL account with all the eggs in USD sell Basket)

This week Cretin has taken little green profit in cable and bought it higher up. Added more usd sell via Usd/cfh short .
Suspicious RED Alert: last week Eur/usd had 3 positions with Avg price of 1.1212. This Week Avg price of 1.1221 with ONLY 2 Positions !! but lot size of 40 remain same.How this Possible? This could be a smoking gun which proves he is using Multiple accounts to hoodwink everybody ???
This serial bagholder now wants to break-even “” when silver “probly go up”.

Noob Alert: It seems Cretin’s strategy relies most on currency pairs ranging during multiple years. for example During Fed QE era Aussie was ranging .90 to 1.10., then when fundamental drastically change it came down and started ranging .75 to .85 like. When ccy pr changes range Anil is helpless and blind. this could be the reason he constantly says “buy when its break the low” . Anil do not believe in any fundamental “crap”. After all scammer make all his money by selling his Holy grail waves. This is could be one of the reason why he lead lemmings to the sea.
Case study example :

Scammer is having problem opening a bank account in business friendly UAE. Its not a surprise as this fellow has a very crooked past in multiple countries.

” 1:19 new program that I am putting out for you guys which is the $200 a month until you meet 2500 and then you get access to the course. you’re going to pay ME $200 a month that is a saving on your money I will give you access to my daily webinar”

So students will be listening and leoning from webinars for 12 months and do what? wtf they suppose to do without Anils famous Margin ‘strategy’? Anils is desperate for money to pay his “senior traders”. If only Anil kept that 1/2 million Euros ( if its real) into fixed deposit in a Russian bank he would have earned much more money.

Other quotes from the Con Man to promote his Scam course
1) I personally have been able to capitalize that( edge on the market) I’m showing you it in a weekly basis.
2) I have 60 percent of traders short-term making a lot of money.
3) I’m pretty sure I’m gonna double that acount there, I have no doubts of it. that’s why I’m showing you are guys
4) all signal service people are scammers every single one
5) if you don’t get that concept(strategy) hey join my group I’ll teach you how to do it.
6 ) I’m talking to the two guys who create multiple accounts( Apparently 2 guys are trolling him in his youtube videos and Anil wants ‘Troll’ to leave him alone)

Any soul out there wanting to subscribe to his 200 $$ Idea/analysis service: PLEASE DO NOT DO IT !!
It will be one of the worst decision you will EVER do. Getting into this cult will suck you in and loose everything you have. VERY BAD IDEA !!! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS MANS HYPNOTIC PREACHING !


Anil Margin making money since Jan 2019
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