He organised a week where the elite traders would show the rest how to trade. It’s an absolute car crash, buying from the top and getting put in draw down. Trying to catch the sell and seeing it continue up. If they get in the right way they’ll turn lemonade into lemons by getting a break even. The comments show they are noobs. I don’t know how anil thought this would work out. It exposes him and his methods as worthless. You’re better off being a gambler. And it shows that all the ‘pros’ in the group are blind too. They can pretend to be big boys but their results are trash. I just wish anil showed this on youtube live for everyone to see. Seeing as he’s shadowbanning comments on the youtube channel it looks like everyone is still on his side. But all the likes and comments are from sheep in his group that he orders to like and share. Anything negative is shadowbanned. The EURUSD at the top of the chart read a small loss on Monday, now it’s turned into showing profit. They can’t even be honest with themselves. This exercise is pure evidence it does not work. I would say it confirms he’s a scammer but then he wouldn’t try something like this. I would just say it’s all the evidence we need to confirm he’s delusional. If you get scammed by him just take the loss, if you hold on you will lose more than you could ever imagine.

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