Hi Everyone,

Today Vlad has a joke for you from the slack group.

Here is the link https://prnt.sc/o4hwxd

This is the screenshot Vlad got you from the slack group; here a random trader is sucking balls of Anil Margin and telling us that wave theory works and sharing screenshot about his great GBPCAD call; but little did he know that Anil took heavy loss on GBPCAD single short (around EUR 60k)

Anil is a mental midget; he cant trade. Daniel talks about wave theory working; if Anil believes so much in waves; why the hell did he close the GBPCAD short if he was so sure that it works and it will go down. Anil Margin is just a noob. And wave theory is subjective; take it with a pinch of salt and keep away from scammers like Anil.

Or may be Daniel is just simply trolling Anil Margin , lol?

What do you think? Vlad thinks he is deceiving new victims in Anil Margin group that Anil has crystal ball… not good Daniel, not good


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