Anil has just announced in LW webinar this morning that, he will be travelling to all over the world to present live trading to those who want to join his group.

According to him, he wants to help the world-wide traders not to be scammed. (chutzpah?)

He also asked the slack group members to participate & share/bring their friends & families to attend the live sessions to help them to learn trading.

I think he is planning it from January onwards because he said that he needs strong team work on the ground before he arrives any city & PM the group individually about the progress

He lso confirmed that his first visit/stop will be Singapore.

Anil acts very clever by saying that, he will pay his tickets & hotels & all he needs from the group is just to share the good news with people.

He now wants to go village to village to scam people, out of sight of Vlad.

I hope someone in the village will Google him & see this website before joinng him.


What do you think of this latest scammy plot of Anil Margin (who is hiding shamelessly now and not showing his account).


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