Durinf FOMC ,. it was a sight to behold; all his trades are going down…

silver keeps falling

nzd keeps falling

aud keeps failling

he was saying yesterday that USDCHF will go down; it kept moving up

for NZD he says nothing happened; and nzd its on its way to create new lows …. and yea the structures speak to him because he knows

he was stopping people from buying usdcad it kept going up

eurusd keeps falling

gbpusd dint go up

what a joker; on silver alone he is having USD 100k plus drawdown and silver has good chance to test 11

I dont know how you guys put up with him; the noob was hoping and praying that when he wakes up the AUD will be at 78 .. what noob; the guy has been buying AUDUSD since feb 2019… he litterally missed the whole fall in audusd and nzdusd the whole year and he still has the nerve of utter shit like this.

Bottomline: Any Tom, Dick and Harry can do impulse correction impulse; and get lucky during early days of tradingview and become forex guru but without wave counting you will be badly exposed; especially now that everything is being documented unlike previous times where victims just used to shrug off and move on to other groups..

Impulse correction Impulse aint gonna work for lazy channel trader like anil margin


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