Hi Homies,

So in this blog I am going to be narrating number 1 problem with Anil Margin and his course and that is Anil Margin is always trading blindly. He just looks to the left and looks for impulse for the next impulse (and expect you to pay USD 2500 for it).

There is no wave counting or anything.

In weekly brainwashing sessions; he will brainwash you how no two elliot wave traders have same count but it doesnt matter. At least they make money while traders who are trading blindly with Anil Margin never actually make money for they have no clue where in the direction they are lying. They are expecting a running flat but it keeps getting expanded and expanded and expanded till they blow their accounts.

Anil Margin traders have no rules or no discipline – everything is up in the air. (99 percent of the energy is spent on useless things like trend-lines must not cut candles but no effort is done on teaching Elliot wave or any wave for that matter)

Refer to this comment by Chris in this post; he must be in Anil group also and must be struggling through like you guys are.

My tip for struggling traders with Anil Margin is to not to listen to the guy; and take some course with someone who will teach you Wave Counting other wise you will continue to long the tops and short the bottoms like Margin.

Dont listen to the guy; just do what Vlad is doing and invest some time in it learning it by yourself. Anil will try to shit on it but Anil is not even a trader – he is here to sell his course. If you want to make money you need to know where you are. Or else you will continue to long tops and short bottoms.

Vlad knows you must feel real stupid now for having paid USD 2500 to learn to trade flags (duh!); but don’t let it bring you down. We all get swindled in life.Let it not bring you down; Vlad received so many dejected emails from new traders; but Vlad wants them to shake this off and want them learn to do real trading.

A typical trader in Anil Margin group trading

Vlad lost a lot of money doing it (all on Anil’s call) so listen to Vlad and listen good. Stop being brainwashed and learn to count waves.

And while you are at it; SCREW Expanding and contracting flats.

Good luck.


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