Anil, what happened to your trade of the day month year century?

You got so chickened out after your very first disaster when you shorted NZDJPY and NZDUSD few weeks back that you stopped doing it?

Dont devoid us of all the fun and comedy and keep those coming in? We wanna laugh

Not to mention his great short on Gold and Silver on WEEKLY WEEKLY LOWS last few weeks back …lol lol

You kept trying to defend your shorts in next few sessions then all of the sudden you suddenly stopped talking about them?; hoping that everyone will forget the comedy?

We wont Anil Margin, we wont.

So keep them coming in; without comedy your weekly outlooks are dud and totally random.

Vlad the impaler of Anil Scammer.

Anil Mangal’s great gold short on Weekly lows
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