Hi Guys,

Vlad watched Anil Margin’s Weekly Outlook two days ago where he ranted and bitched about Vlad for half the video.

Vlad doesn’t care about what Anil thinks of him. But Vlad just wants to make you guys aware of another of Anil’s lie which he pitched to unsuspecting customers in the video.

Anil Mangal said in the last week’s weekly outlook that he could go to Tradingview any day he wants and any time he wants and TradingView will gladly take him.

That is where Anil Margin is lying again.

Allow Vlad to tell you the whole story.

By now you all know Anil Margin was famously banned on TradingView for trolling and throwing dirt on other traders; he wanted to have the whole pie of course selling business (he wanted to be exclusive course seller on Tradingview – he tried but was refused) instead of sharing it. Then he resorted to trolling his nearest competitors in the course selling scam; he thought if he would troll and insult them enough; people would come to him.

So being the number 1 which he became accidentally (capitalizing on the first movers advantage) he thought he could twist the arm of the TradingView Management.

TradingView CEO who was also Russian; politely asked him and reminded him that he knew Anil was also a scammer just like other guys selling courses on TradingView; so he should just focus on ripping off the retail traders and shouldn’t disturb the community.

But Anil thought he could get away with it.

And after several warnings; they threw Anil out of TradingView like you throw a fly out of your coffee mug which falls inside and banned him for life.

Anil Margin was in shock and taken a back!!!!

Anil tried to get in touch with the CEO and Management but they wouldn’t listen.

Then Anil thought if he could trump up enough social media voice on twitter; then may be TradingView can be pressurized into bringing Anil Margin back.

So Anil asked all of us in the group to tweet on twitter #hastag that #WeWantAnilMarginBack or something.

Ofcourse Vlad didn’t do shit; but many people did. You can confirm this or find some old tweets if they are on twitter. Here is one I dug up for you,

An example of planted tweet by his group member

(Now Anil don’t ask Firas to delete this tweet; Vlad has also already taken a snapshot of it; it will be back so any effort is futile. Vlad is one step ahead.)

Anyway so bottomline is; Anil Margin was again lying on Weekly Outlook last week when pitching his course subconsciously and subliminally.

Anil desperately wants to be back on TradingView but they wouldnt take him now. The ban on TradingView has already hurted his cash cow a lot.

But to say on Weekly Outlook that he could go there anytime he wants is another piece of lie from Mangal and just shows what kind of manipulative person he is. He is capitalizing on the fact that all old traders of that time have already left the group or don’t bother.

But Vlad is always lurking around as beacon of light and truth; and will call on any of his bullshit as Vlad knows all his old stories and debacles.

Thank you.

Vlad hopes to listen from you.

Vlad – The Defender of the Basic

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