Innocent Ryan asking Anil Margin if he uses Myfxbook? LOL

Innocent Ruan
Ryan asking an honest question

Self proclaimed best trader and his trading group – none possesses a verified myfxbook account.

Here a new recent victim Ryan Snow is asking if Anil Margin uses myfxbook? What a no brainer? Why would a forex scammer use one? He goes through with it by showing screenshots (even those he doesnt show anymore)

If Anil is serious trader, he should have his own Myfxbook account.

Anil Margin the pro trader

He is begging any successfully ( who is using Anil’s strategies) to borrow the account details so that he can claim his strategies are working.

He also said only for a short term trading, he not interested long term & want to trick the new traders.

Please don’t support Anil in SCAMMING the poor & desperate traders .

If Anil want’s any myfxbook account; Vlad’s myfxbook (which reverse trades all Anil’s setup is here for him to promote)



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