Lets All Laugh At Anil’s Silver Trade – Because He Knows

A picture is worth a thousand words Anil Margin buying silver because HE KNOWS If it was one pair he couldnt stop ranting about ; it was silver. Expecting it to go upto 25 or 29.. Well tell you what; he bought silver at 19 (you can see proof from his videos) and guess...

Isaac Leaves the dead group

Vlad appreciates Isaac leaving the dead scam group and starting on new adventure.Vlad is willing to help him in his new endeveours

Dickward Siloslav is out of the group

Wooohooo.. for once I am really happy.. cocksucker Siloslav boss is out of the group.. the amount of jizz he sucked in just a few months is enormous.. get out you filthy bastard..

Captcha problem resolved

Captcha problem has been resolved and Vlad is now back from holiday