Looks like recently our hero Anil is collecting quite a lot of… not so positive feedback which he is keeping for himself. I saw the post from another trader who got the courage to tell in Anil’s face that he is selling bs like homemade donuts. I had the same experience when I got fed up with Anil’s BS so I told him that I was leaving his stupid group, he didn’t reply. Not even something sort of “we are sorry to know that you are dissatisfied with our services”. I think he blocked me right away because he knew that nothing else can be done once you have the power to tell him in the face that the BS is over. Contrary to how he describes it instead of being thrown out of the heaven since I left the group my trading is only getting better. Of course there isn’t some magic behind that but just thousands of hours hard work on my own which is the only way to become successful in anything.

Screenshot of Anil Mangal scammer Skype

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And I don’t miss his crazy webinars at all (in fact I prefer spending my time watching webinars from real traders for free on youtube ). Now It is funny to watch him desperately trying to find more people to join his group, by luring them with trade signals like sell SP and telling that he is not interested if it keeps going up (what a logic from someone who can’t trade with a stop loss!) and showing up after each small candle down to keep updates instead of the real prove which would be to show his (not his actually) gigantic 500k account and show the trading history. I just have no words to describe that kind of person. I think the word loser does not describe correctly Anil\s personality and mentality because to be a good trader you must be a kind of a loser and you realize it especially in the beginning. So to describe Anil I came up with a new word which describes people like him in general.

The word is loozee (lo:zi) . A loozee demonstrates a big cAnfidence that rest upon nothing in reality, never can be wrong about something, never admit to himself that he is in fact a bad loser, purposely misleads people in order to gain income to continue his gambling addiction while hiding behind good causes like “helping trades to become successful” or saving them from scammers. Because a loozee can’t have a real success in anything that he does he enjoys making other people fail and naturally despise people who are the opposite of him calling them scammers or haters. Also a loozee hates other successful loozeies because he seems them as a competition so the loozee must fight back laud calling everybody else a scammer. That explains how Anil got himself kicked out of Tradingview..

The only people a loozee tolerates are those who are dumb enough to worship him like a god and show genuine submission. As long as they stay that way everything goes like a honeymoon. I know it sounds unthinkable to say something that is not good about Anil with that romantic character he is trying to sell as a facade , without immediately being called a hater.. He is honest , humble-bragger he is intelligent, brilliant, he can predict every candle on the chart including the second arrival of Jesus Christ, and he is always somehow in the buy right after the sell . He is also something like a spiritual leader with an own philosophy about the universe. Sadly non of that is true. It is just a facade that he uses to hide his real agenda which is nothing but purely to sell his course for 2.5k and to make a living out of it (I assume he figured that trading does not work for him ) . He always says you pay just a small price for his services and that sounds fair except you get a worthless service. That also is a total lie. First 2500 USD is not a small price to pay to such a mediocre mentor like Anil. Second the price for his course adjusted to the worthiness of the content is around 500 USD at most, if you factor just the information that is worth paying attention and unfortunately is very scarce. That is far from as he describes it “all you need to become successful”. Such a statement is simply another of his stupid lies. There is never such thing as “all you need to success course”. You have to keep working and improving all aspect that comes to trading. You must combine more than one method .

That is how he is dangerously misleading people preaching that support and resistance does not work , indicators are useless (which is in fact stating that statistics is useless) and all kind of stupid arguments he puts out just to convince you that only his wave analysis is the holly grail of trading and your only option is to join his group for which you pay him a “small price” which he adds by no means can pay for the efforts he puts into that job. All that cheap lies target on a set of particular weaknesses in the thought process of beginner traders or those who struggle. Successful traders would never give a shit about any of Anil’s nonsense. A successful trader can go against his predictions and make consistent profits just like the example with SP because there is a big difference between drawing lines and actually making money. Anil does the first but not the second , because he does not know how and that is why he wisely stopped sharing his account stats. The reason I make this post is not because I want to harm him or I have a grudge against him but when you pay 2500 USD you expect to get something with value but instead all you get is Anil’s harmful and misleading webinars every morning plus some MACD wave counting nonsense, you have the full right to express your dissatisfaction, and luckily this blog is the right place. Do not believe Anil’s nonsense that he invented wave analysis, or that his group is full of successful traders waiting to come and manage your account if you are trouble. That kind of cheap BS is what made me pay him 2500 USD. The truth is he did not invent anything. Probably he just saw some videos online and decided it will be easy to take credit for it. Second I have always been puzzled how is it possible a person who hasn’t put money in his account for more than a year and who is always in deep drowdawn to help in saving other traders accounts. The answer is that it is just a big fat BS that he uses to gain mind control over people who don’t have an idea how important critical thinking is for success in forex which is true for most beginners so they are easy to manipulate with that kind of stuff because it gives them fake sense of security they so desperately need. For those who want to know more about wave analysis my advice is first to do a research on your own.

Basically the whole thing (at least Anil’s course) is about 4 of Elliot’s patterns running flat, contracting flat, regular flat and expanding flat. There is nothing you can’t find online. If you still want to sign for a course there are many other options which I believe are better assuming it will be difficult to find worst than Anil’s nonsense. You can try xxxxxx ,I find their youtube channel very useful and their course is a 1000 USD cheaper than Anil’s and on the surface looks like their group is successful. I hope this article will help readers decide if they want to join Anil’s group and help them avoid mistakes. Ask yourself why I decided that is better to leave if it was good I would stay there and drive a lamborgini now , For me it was fun to create this article, also it was an attempt to summarize my experience with forex titan Anil, so I will reflect on my own mistakes in order to avoid them in future. If I manage to do that it will be worth more than the price for the course itself. Good luck all and run away from youtube gurus.

Metodi Penkov

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