His first scam starts on the first day of his course. 

message “Anis is late “…  he arrives 5 mn later saying “I was helping a friend whose trade was going negative … I’ve saved him several thousands of pounds”  “I don’t understand people who trade without taking my course first”  “learn to trade and then trade”
I had forgotten the cost of the course but yes it was $2500 which I paid via paypal – registered as “friends and family”  ha ha ha
Thank you again for creating this site.  Other should be aware AM is a scam.

Good morning
YES AM’s course is a scam … especially his tip on silver he says “the price of silver has never been so low …. I accumulate on silver ….. ” and …. silver went even lower.  In fact trading commodities is a very dangerous game.
Anil Mangal says he has a trading room “let’s go nd look for trades” ….. poor students thinking they are going to find the holy grail.  And I’m pretty sure Anil Mangal does not trade.
I don’t remember how much I paid for the course …. but I do remember it was expensive.  The course started and because his recommendations did not tally with what I knew about trading ie support and resistance + the fact that I only trade DOW and AM does not trade indices although before I joined he did say he would include indices.  I only traded on a demo account.  When I told him “I’ve understood nothing about your course” he says you need to do the course again …. what wasting my time having to listen to so much nonsense ….

I was pleased when he got “banned for life” on Tradingview.  And I’m even more pleased to see that other people are taking their revenge on AM ….
I now subscribe to Jason sen’s website.  Cost s £49.99 per mnth and I have a review every morning about support and resistance on dow and Nasdaq.  Jason Sen has many years of exeperience as a trader and his calls are 98% accurate.  I do make £££ with Jason …. you only lose money with scammer Mangal …. 

With best wishes

Therese Leignel

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