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As Anil Margin chickened out of showing his account on Sunday then on Monday and then forever as his account is possibly blown (given we know that he wouldnt cut losses); the Anil vs Vlad battles looks to be finishing off before they even began.

But Vlad is sure as Anil is master trader he will pull a surprise (do some secret deposits) and will be back in the game before we know it.

Anil Vs Vlad

Anyway; Vlad started the account with USD 5000 and in first week took it to USD 7700 (Equity; Vlad gives a shit to account balance).

And after the 2nd week Vlad finished the equity at 9300. Hence in the second week Vlad only earned USD 9300 – USD 7700 = USD 1600.

Vlad only had to made zero dollars to win the weekly contest (as Anil Margin forever remains in drawdown) so it looks like Vlad managed to squeeze past the master.

Lets see what happens in 3rd week after Anil deposits new fund in the account lol. And will say.. hey its not the equity its the balance of the account .. lol

I had some terrible losses during the week; as I broke my rule and indulged in scalping resulting in USD 1200 loss (Vlad got cocky after a string of wins). Plus today I took loss on EURNZD sell also of around USD 1000; as Vlad should have known better if Anil was short EURNZD it would go up. Still so far Vlad is getting by at snail pace.

Here is my myfxbook link

As you can see from the experiment that the 85% of the signals I took are reverse Anil Mangal trading; so it really does seem to be working – given Anil and his group are not making any money and reversing them is.

And whenever I took Anil’s signals seriously like EURNZD short; EURGBP short; the trades immediately went bad against me adn I had to cut losses.

Please dont be too harsh on Vlad as Vlad is noobie trader and Anil is master.


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