New payment subscription coming soon from the Devil Anil Mangal, Nothing new in his latest scam only that the subscriber will be in for alot of pain as he will not refund any of the part payment that will be made monthly minimum amount $200.00.

This is the scenarios that Anil is thinking of going ahead with as follows:
150 targets X $2,500.00 (every 2-3months) x 4 (average)= $1,500,000.00 per year, this has been reduced to virtually ZERO, however in his new scheme he is thinking if he gets 100 targets at $200.00= $20,000.00 then he can brag that he has so many new subscribers with his new scheme and then can double his subcribers the next month = $40,000.00, then again keeps on doing that every month.

However when the subscriber decides he wants out, Anil will not refund the money and the subscriber will be out of pocket for however many months they have paid.

If you really are keen to join Anil Mangal’s Course “DO NOT DO IT” , instead go and donate the same money to the less fortunate or charity of your choice in your town, city or country, or even treat your family with that money as charity begins at home and you will do a good deed too.

This is guestpost written by Mr Shah



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