I love Anil so much. YES, the guy Anil said buy cadjpy on thursday in london webinar; i shorted cadjpy today (his bullish flag) and now I will watch cadjpy fall continuously till it breaks weekly bottom

thank you anil again for providing me best signals to reverse trade you

remember; anil has been bullish on cadjpy since months… even victor blew his account trying to long cadjpy

here is how vlad going to reverse trade the noob to the bottom

Anil Margin and his group of noobs buying cadjpy

their undoing is everytime they see sharp move; they think its impulse and it will go up… what noobs;;; 4th wave is created for noobs and retail traders like anil

these reverse trading signals are worth their weight in gold ; USD 200 is too cheap for this kind of talents to pick bottoms and tops (as written here in the Snake oil Salesman post written by Ross Piyan, You just need to know how to use them. Anil Margin epitomizes a retail mindset; a retail trader noobie who is always late to the entry; or too early. You just need to use Anil’s signals to decide ok this is where herd will be trading so all you need to do is reverse trade the herd (and trade with the bank). And you will win.

Dont believe me? Watch my myfxbook account and see majority of my trades are reverse trading Anil and I am making money and Anil on the other hand will be lucky if he survives margin call.

so when anil and his noobish group were trying to long cadjpy; Vlad nailed the weekly top by shorting the candle right on head and now it will continue to fall…. Anil Margin and his noobs can wait for flag ; i shorted their flag (bullish)

Vlad Nails weekly top; thanks to reverse trading Anil’s signals

I am gonna die rich. I need Anil to keep giving me tops and bottoms.


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