New videos and footages have emerged of Anil Margin’s new students as they are quickly realizing that they have been scammed.

It all started with yesterday’s FOMC meeting and then press conference.

As the event unfolded; the price went in favor of Anil Margin

as he was



Long Silver

and many more of other bad trades.

So like a typical newb trader; Anil Margin started jumping up and down and boasting in TradingRoom to a ever dwindling audience that they should see how his trade calls work.

Vlad was watching all this silently in corner waiting for press conference to start.

And as soon as press conference started by Powell; all the positions went against Anil Margin and went in favor of Vlad. The reaction given by Anil was that of a typical noobie trader who doesnt know whats happening in the market. He first said that its a correction and it would reverse (preventing his gullible traders to get out on minimum loss) but the price kept going against him and finally he had to resigned to the fate that again he has been wrong.

Anil Margin new traders realized immediately after yesterday’s trade calls of Anil Margin reversing on him that Anil Margin doesnt have a plan and he is nothing but just a charlatan; a pretend.

All old traders have already left the group; the only old traders you see in the group are part of the scam as they get paid USD 500 out of USD 2500 to keep the scam perpetuated.

Its dawning on them
April course students realizing that they have been duped

Vlad say that all the new victims who only just paid for Anil Margin course and now have realized that they have been duped should consider themselves lucky.

Vlad say that all is not lost yet; they are lucky to realize this very quickly as it took more than a year for Vlad to realize that Anil Marign not only is a bad trader but also a piece of shit.

You guys should #AskForRefund. You are not trapped.

Vlad has been taking opposite positions of every Anil Margin trade and profiting publicly here.

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