SATIRE – Daily Mangal Newspaper (this is satirical article)

Dubai UAE: Self proclaimed best trader in the world with no public record of trading and history has clarified that his recent escalations in Live Trading sessions and comments via fake proxy not supporting a switch in leadership of the group from himself to Isaac had nothing to do with any jealousy, personal issues or grudges he has.

“No this has got nothing to do with any grudge or jealousy or anything” he exclaimed speaking to The Daily Mangal in his bedroom (which also serves as his trading room), where he was preoccupied by throwing darts at a picture of Isaac Yelbert.

“What? Isaac? Do you really think I am jealous of Isaac? Believe me that good for nothing, slimy, 886 fib trader doesn’t even cross my mind” Mangal exclaimed, aiming a series of darts towards the Isaac Yelbert’s picture, throwing each dart with much greater force every time he insulted the chief.

“Isaac just thinks he so important and relevant and fancy, doesn’t he? Cosying up to everybody during trading room meetings …. Why that stupid little …” Mangal uttered before bursting into a series of obscenities not reproducible in this Daily Mangal issue.

Mangal was giving a special interview in answer to the comments he posted on this website using a proxy to mask his IP via a VPN and a pseudonym of Lexington here and here

“I just think” he confided, waiting a moment just to go and draw a mustache and red horns with a pen on the picture of Isaac Yelbert before continuing, “that it’s a better idea than this what I have currently. That way atleast I won’t be forced to show my Saxo accounts and huge drawdowns every week and will save me the public shame and explanation” he ended.

From Daily Mangal Correspondent

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