Problem with Anil Margin’s scam strategy is that he is always hyping up counter-trend setups and then goes down in smaller time frame to take them; as depicted in NZDJPY setup case which he had been hailing as TRADE OF THE DAY (my ass) for days now…

Anil Margin’s new joke

As can be seen from here; instead of buying NZDJPY at the bottom; he was actually shorting the bottom in the bigger time frame; and as expected NZDJPY is now going up to make new highs and his “trade of the day/ week/ year” became another of the many jokes on this website.

His other videos on the same NZDJPY setup are equally of not more hilarious.

NZDJPY going up on daily chart – Anil Margin shorted bottom yet again

Dont forget to laugh at this guy.

Enjpy (pun intended)


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