Anil Mangal Forex Scam

Anil’s Live Trading Catastrophe He organised a week where the elite traders would show the rest how to trade. It's an absolute car...
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I am saved after quitting Anil’s group

Looks like recently our hero Anil is collecting quite a lot of… not so positive feedback which he is keeping...
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I am saved after quitting Anil’s group

Has Vlad Killed off Anil Mangal Scam?

The scammer has run away; 90% of the group is gone. His weekly webinars which were a joke have stopped...
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Anil Mangal Scammer Didn’t Reply Because He has no Answer to This

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Anil Mangal Scammer Didn’t Reply Because He has no Answer to This

Anil Mangal Vanishes Again from Youtube

After a brief stint; Anil Margin vanishes again from Youtube after giving bad calls like Sell S&P500 lol.... Imagine being...
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Anil Mangal Vanishes Again from Youtube

Mangal Margin’s New Plot

I saw this post today { } and was absolutely furious...Mangal Margin doesn't get to cry foul in this this instance.The...
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Mangal Margin’s New Plot

I was on Anil Mangal Course first scam starts on the first day of his course.  message "Anis is late "...  he arrives 5 mn...
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I was on Anil Mangal Course

Desperate and Broke Anil Margal Makes a Return on Youtube

Anil Margin after blowing his account famously on Youtube and then going underground in hole for 8 months is back...
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Desperate and Broke Anil Margal Makes a Return on Youtube

Anil Mangal Scam

I am a trader who took Anil Mangal course and after losing continuously this is my experience.

Anil Mangal is master of talk and hypnotic brainwashing. He will come across on youtube as if he is the best trader in the world and no one knows forex better than him but in reality its quite the opposite.

Why Anil Mangal wants to have this website reported and delisted?

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When I joined his group; after taking the course and practicing; I continued to lose money day after day.

At first I blamed myself.; as no matter what I did to trade as per his rules and as per his daily webinar; nothing seemed to have worked and I continued to lose money.

I almost gave up on trading and started exploring different methods.

In my frustration I started noticing tense atmosphere in the group and almost dictatorship like atmosphere

To my surprise I found out that there were many dissenting and frustrated traders like who were continuously losing money but were too afraid to come forward or were shy (most likely afraid) to tell him his wave theory doesnt work.

That’s all I have to say – I will document other incidents also and if some other trader wants to share his experience they are free to contact me at [email protected] I will post their stories or experiences as well.

Good luck to all – and new potential customers, avoid him like plague

Vlad Putin

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Turned the course he took for USD 5000 into USD 2.5 million USD Scam

Reasons for Notoriety
1) Inventor of expanding and contracting flats (ingenious invention which gives him the flexibility of being never wrong)
2) Has plagiarized a method which is no better than any other method in the market; what you will learn in his course is publicly available on Internet for free
3) His method and strategy provides no edge in the market. Whenever Anil trades he immediately goes into drawdowns.
4) Hypnotic preaching of his method to unsuspecting victims to sell courses (says he wants to help others)
5) Has no historical record to show that he has been trading for many years – no myfxbook record
6) Calls everyone but himself a scammer.

Thats all

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