Vlad is not the villain; Vlad overheard your comments shitting on Vlad when Vlad made Anil cry but Vlad one of you guys. Vlad is fighting your battle. Vlad doing all this for you because:

  1. Anil’s sole focus was on selling course only.
  2. London webinar was becoming a joke with more and more senior traders being absent (Many senior traders dont attend LW some even publically to have said it fucks up their heads)
  3. Casual attitude of Anil in LW with no prior preparation.
  4. His ever increasing arrogance thinking of himself as Trading God whereas he is not even in top 30 in our group.
  5. Anil’s self-declared principle of no-nonsense attitiude; he himself always said that when he see nonsense he can’t take it and he had to take control and put an end to it (the incident when Samir lost his nuts and butts to Anil because of correlation); so being his student Vlad had to take control of the situation and put an end to the nonsense going on in the group.
  6. Having said that; Vlad thinks Anil did the right thing; Samir was being such a pain in our behind
  7. Out of 850 subscriber hardly 100 are present currently; with majority of them being newer victims who are just fanboys (enjoying honeymoon period) and are at awe.
  8. He has not improved upon his initial work of halfbaked impulse correction impulse thing and has gone complacent.
  9. This NZD trade we got yesterday was first trade of any significance in 3 months (eventhough he had turned EURNZD to sell after it had broken the bottom – but Vlad will give him that)
  10. The arrogance that moving average, pivots, supports and resistance and correlation dont work (because they might hurt his course selling business and also because he would give 1 example like when he thrashed Samir infront of everyone and put two charts of XRP and BTC on top of another (which are 95% correlated but he picked on 1 piece which was not and totally made Samir shit his pants)). Well he needed to be reminded that similarly his wave theory also does not work. In fact it works much lesser than others (because we are mostly trading blindly).
  11. Vlad thinks that if someone is a trader then he should make money from trading and not from selling courses. Vlad always helps other traders for free. Vlad good.

Bottomline; he needs to improve and he needs to work hard. Vlad has moved his cheese and with Vlad and Vlad’s group of volunteers always documenting his every move he should be on his toes.

Vlad hopes to listen to your feedback; remember Vlad fighting your crusade; Vlad not the enemy.

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