Dickward Siloslav is out of the group

Wooohooo.. for once I am really happy.. cocksucker Siloslav boss is out of the group.. the amount of jizz he sucked in just a few months is enormous.. get out you filthy bastard..

Anil Mangal – the Moron?

Even in jest he can’t help but reveal he only cares about your money. But I guess he needs donations like that seeing as he can’t trade. Surely he’s a sociopath. This is especially pathetic given the situation of his group with (majority having have...

Slav – Noob Galore

In the morning, Mr Slav said he is printing money on Gold & same day in the afternoon, he worries not to take Gold trade That is the reality of following Anil’s fake strategies. Stay away from Anil Scammer or you will lose your money

Anil Mangal Testimonial and Review

yo dawg. i lately enjoy watching the show. it gets interesting and interesting as it evolves. fun to see how defensive the scammer is. i watch the course videos over again and damn its so much nonsense in it. something that can be said in 30 minutes is expanded in 1...